Tim Kaun
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Soft skills can come the hard way.


Social-Bee is an organization that helps refugees to find employment. Since 2015, over 1.2 million refugees have entered Germany. Though politics and the industry have made big promises, the biggest stock-listed companies employed just 4 refugees. Three years later, the public lost interest in this topic.

To convince companies, we created a public application with a radical message: Soft skills can come the hard way. One who survives on a small boat with 85 people, is a team player. One who walks for three moths, is resilient.

Four online films and outdoor media in major cities showed the refugees’ stories and skills. Leading to employ-refugees.de, were we provided further information and a way to contact Social-Bee. The campaign did not only address HR executives. Via facebook and press, it also brought the sensitive subject back into a nationwide discussion.


Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar Creative Director: Matthias Hess, Rico Noël Concept: Jasmin Scharrer Art Director: Tim Kaun, Tomic Lee Copywriter: Saurabh Keriwal, Lars Widmann Landingpage: Denis Feges & Julien Bucaille Photographer/Director: Olli Waldhauer / The Dons Production: Wanda Germany GmbH, Milchstraße & Maik Lüdemann Postproduction: Harvest Digital Agriculture

ADC 2018: 1x Auszeichnung
Lovie Award: 1x Gold, 2x Silver
New York Festival: 3x Shortlist
Clio Award: 1x Bronze