Tim Kaun

New Mix Days

Fair Concept

The classical workplace is making way for that of the future. Disciplines are combining, borders are blurring, everything is merging – and we are right there in the thick of it.
Our modular systems and intelligently designed product families are a playful combination of opposites. Individuality with teamwork. Standing with sitting. Formal with informal. Open-plan with mini-format. And the known with the unknown.

Welcome to the New Mix Days. By Brunner. 

Brunner is one of the leading manufacturers of contract furniture. In 2016 they asked for a unique fair concept of their new innovations to present them exclusively at the leading international trade fair for modern working world called ORGATEC. The whole package included the fair concept itself with inherent brochures, invitations, newsletters, webspecials, trailers and giveaways. It was my assignment to develop the concept as well as the visual execution.

Jung von Matt/Neckar

ORGATEC 2016 | Köln
Design made in Germany